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A newborn baby learns to swim --- one day it could save her life!

The video you see may seem at first glance to document a grave case of parental neglect ...but it is not so! This little girl's name is Josie and she is attending a special swimming course for newborn…
Newborn Swimming Wtf

One baby begins to cry --- but his twin brother knows how to make him stop ...

The joy and pleasure that two newborn twins give to their parents and kin certainly outweigh all the difficulties that arise from having to care for two infants! In this video, we see these two twin brothers…

A baby greets her father for the first time -- But the way she does it? ... UNFORGETTABLE!

In the life of every child comes the moment they enter into conflict with parental authority, but the baby that you see in the video seems to have already skipped a few years and gone directly to the…

Dad starts filming the baby's movements ... but the ACTION is more than they bargained for!

When a woman is pregnant, especially in the last weeks of pregnancy, it is normal that she notes the fetal movements inside her belly. The child, now fully formed, begins more and more often to test its…
Newborn Wtf

These twin baby boys are talking to each other -- Just listen to their unique language!

Newborn babies are one of the most beautiful things in the world! Although, they are responsible for the many sleepless nights of their parents, nevertheless, with their sweet little faces and bright…

Nine months of pregnancy in 4 minutes: here's the video that shows you the miracle of life

Few events are able to stimulate the emotions of people as the miracle of the birth of a new life, especially if we see it from this perspective. Follow the creation and development of a baby from the…

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