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A little girl gets lost in the woods…
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A little girl gets lost in the woods with her dog that protects her for 12 days and then helps the rescuers to find her

June 12, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It is enough for us to spend a few hours in nature to realize just how much we are disconnected from it.

The need for technological tools to perform most of our daily activities shows us the profound difference from previous generations, who had instead developed strategies and survival skills to find in Nature everything they needed.

This little girl's story, however, reveals that the primordial spirit of survival still remains in the soul of human beings in this modern era!

In fact, little three-year-old girl, Karina Chikitova, got lost in a Siberian forest and remained for over 12 days, finally returning to her family with only a few scratches. How did she get to safety? Fortunately, for her, she was in the company of a loyal friend ...

On the day that the little girl Karina got lost, her grandmother thought Karina was with her father in the city. When she realized that Karina was not with her father, she called the police immediately. They discovered that the family dog was also missing.

The entire local population was mobilized to search for the little three-year-old girl. After a week the dog was found, which indicated to the searchers that, unfortunately, Katrina was already dead.


However, they noticed that the dog, named Kyrachaan, was displaying a very agitated behavior as if to convince people to follow him into the forest.

In fact, the brave and intelligent dog knew where Karina was and he took the rescuers directly to Karina so that she could be saved! The rescuers noted that after 12 days of being missing and thought dead, the little girl was actually found alive and unharmed about 7 km (4 miles) from her house!

Karina came home undernourished and with a few scratches, which were nothing compared to what was expected! If anything worse had not happened to her it was only thanks to her faithful dog.


In fact, Kyrachaan, her loyal four-legged friend had protected her from the cold Siberian nights by covering her with his furry body! In addition, this brave dog had driven off wolves and bears and offered Karina companionship by never abandoning her in the Siberian forest.

The wonderful story of Karina and Kryachaan has become an inspiring symbol for Siberia. As a matter of fact, to memorialize what happened, a beautiful statue of little Karina Chikitova and Kryachaan, her brave and intelligent dog has been placed at the airport in Yakutsk in East Siberia, the capital of the Sakha Republic.

In no uncertain terms, Kyrachaan is a heroic dog!


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