The airport operators see a "UFO" in the sky. . . but there is an explanation! -
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The airport operators see a "UFO" in…
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The airport operators see a "UFO" in the sky. . . but there is an explanation!

July 28, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

During a night shift at the Miami International Airport, some mechanics and technicians were faced with a vision that seemed apocalyptic. In the night sky, they watched something moving at a great velocity that left behind what was obviously a giant trail mark!

Needless to say that the reaction on the Internet was more than imaginative, and practically everyone started talking immediately about UFOs.

But a few hours later, there was a plausible explanation -- the Atlas V rocket had been launched from Cape Canaveral in Bevard, Florida several hours prior, about the same time everyone had seen the distinctive trail mark. Whew! So it was not an alien invasion -- this time!  LOL

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