The spectacular 2016 Rio Paralympics…
How about broccoli as a snack? --- his reaction will make you laugh out loud! Destined to become dog meat --- now he plays happily with toys!

The spectacular 2016 Rio Paralympics trailer --- A Must See!

July 21, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

To the sound of the slogan "Yes I Can" (Si, Io posso), this incredible video montage announces the start of the 2016 Rio Paralympics Games, where athletes who have a physical disability compete in all Olympic disciplines. 

The video, however, has been shot and edited like a music video, showcasing dancers and performers and showing many different types of sports while highlighting the various competing athletes who are proud and tireless. 

What is the goal of every competition? Not just to win a gold medal, but also to confirm and show the world that a disability cannot and should not define a human being.


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