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A car is bogged down in mud or snow…
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A car is bogged down in mud or snow --- but how it gets out is phenomenal!

June 05, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If you go off the road, the real risk and danger of getting stuck in problematic terrain increase exponentially. But here is a device that can be of great help!

It is called the "Bush Winch" and it is an advanced vehicle recovery system for 4WD and 2WD vehicles that have lost traction due to a bog, mud or ice.

This is an intelligent invention that uses the wheels of the vehicle in order to get out of situations where your vehicle is stuck or bogged down. In practice, the wheels of the vehicle itself are used to rewind a cable whose end is fixed to a tree or a rock.

In the video, you can see how this ingenious device works!

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