Today is your car's lucky day! You are going to clean it! :) -
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Today is your car's lucky day! You are…
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Today is your car's lucky day! You are going to clean it! :)

June 11, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

During the first months after purchasing a car, we are particularly careful in trying to keep it clean and smelling nice.

But as the months pass, our eye gets used to lower and lower levels of cleanliness and that is when the dirt begins to accumulate everywhere it can in the car.

At that point, a regular car washing may no longer be enough ... However, with these simple tips and a little patience, you will be able to make your entire car shine just like it did when it was new!

Attention to detail

Soaking a cotton swab in a bit of cleaner fluid will remove dirt that has been deposited in those areas which, although difficult to reach, are still there in plain sight.

Clean and healthy air


Just as it is important to change the air filter once a year or so, it is also important during those 365 days, to remember to clean the air vents every once in a while! We can do this by using a simple rubber brush.


Cleansing detergent for the dashboard

image: YouTube

Let's face it, most of the time when we clean the dashboard of our car, we just remove the dust with a cloth! Occasionally, however, you should use a special cleanser, if you really want to clean the dashboard thoroughly!

Using compressed air bottles as a cleaning ally!

image: YouTube

If the spaces from which the air exits (air vents) are particularly tight and therefore not easily accessible then you can resort to using a compressed air duster.  With this method, you will be able to clean the air vents quickly and efficiently!

Natural Cleaners

If in your family some members have asthma or you simply prefer not to use heavily scented products, then you can clean your dashboard with just a wet chamois cloth and a few drops of olive oil.


Make your headlights clean and shiny again with a little toothpaste

Get yourself a tube of toothpaste, spread a little on a piece of cloth, and rub. You will have to rub with a bit of energy but it is worth the effort because the glass on your headlights will be as good as new! 

Keep your windshield clean

Your windshield wipers do not work very well? Help them by adding a bit of isopropyl alcohol to the windshield water tank. In this way, not only will the windshield be clean and free from haloes, but it will also be easier to remove the layer of ice that usually forms in the winter!


Do not overlook the car floor mats

image: YouTube

The dirt that accumulates on car floor mats is more or less visible depending on their color. Often, however, a vacuum cleaner is not enough. Wet the mats with water, then scrub them with a brush sprinkled with detergent and finally rinse with a strong jet of water. Warning: Some car floor mats can be cleaned using a washing machine, but read the label first!

Leather seats that shine


Leather is a fabric material that should be treated with great care. To clean leather seats, mix a little water and baking soda, and then scrub gently with a toothbrush. Nothing could be simpler.


Clean under the hood

In addition to cleaning the visible areas, we have to remember to open every once in a while the hood of our car and check the level of grime that has accumulated under there! To remove the grime use a little Coca-Cola and the dirty and oxidized areas will return to being as clean as when the car left the factory! 

The wheels

Cleaning the wheels is an important part of cleaning your car thoroughly. Apply a degreaser, let it act for a few minutes and then remove and rinse with a jet of water under pressure.

Do your pets travel with you in your car?

The problem of animal hair on car seats is one of the most difficult. How to solve it? Moisten the seats by spraying with a little water, and then scrape the seat with a window washer brush which will cause mounds of animal hair to form making the hair much easier to remove.

The car headliner is a part of the car!


When we clean our car we often forget to look up ... a big mistake! Especially if you smoke in your car, it would be a good idea to remember to clean the car headliner.  If the headliner is made of plastic you can clean it by using a microfiber cloth, but if the car headliner is made of fabric then resort to the method used for removing animal hair --- moisten the fabric with water and scrape with a window washer brush and remove the grime! 

Bug splats

When we travel, often our car collides with a series of unsuspecting insects that end up becoming bug splats on our windshield or car body. If you can, try to remove them right away because leaving bug splats too long will make the spots difficult to remove.

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