Her T-shirt is too big to be worn ---…
After three weeks a girl returns home and her horse sees her again --- Their reunion is very touching..... A race car comes full speed towards him --- What he is going to do is ABSOLUTELY THRILLING!!

Her T-shirt is too big to be worn --- But wait a few seconds ...

April 26, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It can happen to anyone to have in their closet an extra-large sweater or a T-shirt that is impossible to wear! Perhaps it was the result of a bad gift or impulse buying or shopping due to sales! What to do in these cases?

Surprisingly, you can do much more than just using it - as often happens - to sleep in as pyjamas! As a matter of fact, in the tutorial video, this enterprising young lady demonstrates how to easily turn a large T-shirt into a lightweight and comfortable dress. All within a few minutes and even more important ---  without any sewing!

Tags: FashionDIY


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