This is a dachshund named Milo --- but it is his best friend that will astonish you! -
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This is a dachshund named Milo --- but…
Cut the potatoes into slices and put them in a muffin pan -- When taken from the oven ... they are to die for! The harvest is burning! --- Here is how a farmer manages to stop the fire -- What courage!

This is a dachshund named Milo --- but it is his best friend that will astonish you!


A lion is one of the top predators of the food chain, and would you ever think that an animal like this could make friends with three cute and loveable dachshunds?! 

In reality, this unique friendship represents a lot more! In fact, when the dogs and the lion met for the first time, the dogs acted as if they already knew about the serious bone disease that afflicted the lion.... Especially one of them, Milo! From the moment they met their friendship has grown and as we can see it has even proven to be stronger than the laws of nature! 

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Who's guilty ??

Dogs have many skills, but they can't lie. It's really funny to see how the two innocent dogs react when asked "Who made this mess?". Well you'll see who is the guilty one!!
May 09, 2014

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