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8 ways that your dog is telling you:…
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8 ways that your dog is telling you: "I love You!"

May 08, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Dogs are amazing creatures, companions, loyal, loving, and they are able to fill a person's life with joy.

Although dogs certainly do manage to convey their feelings toward their human friends, thanks to a deep emotional connection, still their owners often wish that their four-legged friends could speak because they would really like to know what their canine friends are thinking and feeling.

Nevertheless, even without the means of verbal communication, here are the eight ways that a dog can tell us: "I love you!"

  • Your dog jumps for joy when you come back home. The perception of time is relative for a pet , they only know that their owner is gone. When their owner comes back home, they jump for joy, and this is their way of saying "I missed you!" 
  • Your dog always wants to protect you. When you are in another room, your dog patrols the house because he wants to protect you, even while you are out working, or when your dog remains in a corner, quiet, and watching to make sure that everything is safe and secure. 
  • Seeks physical contact. When a dog rises up on their hind legs and throws their front legs around the neck of their owner, then that is equivalent to a hug, and it is a clear demonstration of love. 
  • Smiling. Yes, dogs can smile, too! Some learn to pull back the upper part of their snout or muzzle to imitate, a human expression of contentment. But for those who cannot, a wagging tail is always a reliable sign of satisfaction and pleasure.
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  • Your dog brings you its favorite toy. Every pet dog has an object to which it is particularly attached, and when a dog puts that toy down at the feet of its owner, it is not only a call for attention but it is also a “gift” in its own right. 
  • Leans on its owner. For a dog, there are so many other places that are much more comfortable where they can relax, but when they decide to lean on or rest on the body of their owner, it is a way to communicate affection and unconditional trust. 
  • Observes its owner intensely. The eyes are a channel for the transmission of emotions that are very powerful, also among human beings. Therefore, if a dog seeks prolonged eye contact with its owner, it is because it feels sincere adoration. 
  • Sleeps in the same room. A dog's instincts to guard and protect and its feelings of loving companionship are absolute, which causes a dog to not want to separate itself from its human companion, not even for a moment. 

Maybe while reading this article some of you will have recognized one or more behaviors that are typical of your own four-legged friend. Therefore, if you have ever had any doubts, now, you know for sure that for your dog, you are the most important person in the whole wide world!

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