Do you often stain your clothes when you drink or eat? Maybe you are a genius... and you just don't know it! -
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Do you often stain your clothes when…
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Do you often stain your clothes when you drink or eat? Maybe you are a genius... and you just don't know it!


Many people are familiar with the expression “a mad genius" as if to say that those who have more gray matter, usually tend not to conform to what society considers to be normal but instead tend to be different, a little bit "crazy", and even unique.

This may also be reflected in the way in which one manages one's life, but also in the small things, i.e. little personal tics, idiosyncrasies, or daily habits.

According to research one of these symptoms of intelligence is the tendency to stain one's clothes!

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From the outside watching someone who spills a drink on themself or lets a piece of cake accidentally fall on their t-shirt would certainly not assume that you are watching a person with a brilliant mind.

Yet, looks can be deceiving. A research study carried out by Steve Johnson, a popular scientific author presents evidence that establishes clear connections between “clumsiness” and being a genius.

A person particularly brilliant usually has their brain occupied by so many thoughts and considerations, that they can be "not very present" in the reality of the moment. Whoever is condemned to multitasking, lives constantly projected forward, neglecting details, which from their point of view are futile and non-essential. 

Consequently, if with all that information processing going on in their head, a person happens to make a mess with their food, it is absolutely normal, because it is something so insignificant in proportion to everything that they are elaborating in their mind.

Of course, the mere fact of having a shirt ravaged by the remnants of one's lunch is not a guarantee of mental sharpness or a fertile brain, one also needs to excel and give proof of ability in other areas of one's personal or professional life.

In practice, what can be observed is the classic iconic image of the "nutty" professor, who is a little sloppy, always late, with yellow sticky notes placed here, there, and everywhere! Such individuals are so busy that they often forget to even sleep or eat, and when they do, they often create disasters that only a stain remover or the washing machine can resolve.

The mind of a person who is highly intelligent works differently, perhaps too much, and they do not consider to be important details that most people consider essential, such as one's aesthetic appearance.

Furthermore, certainly, to such individuals, no one would entrust them with tasks that require a certain level of attention and concentration, such as piloting an airplane or driving a bus...

Fortunately, people like this are usually writers, bookworms, researchers, or nerds happily working in a laboratory doing very important work. In light of this information, the next time you meet a person with a shirt similar to a painting by Jackson Pollock, maybe they will be the next Albert Einstein!


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