Its owner says the word "shower" . . . the reaction of his dog is HILARIOUS! -
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Its owner says the word "shower" . .…
Mistreated bird loses its plumage --- but now its groove is BACK! Showtime! A child tries to wake up her big brother --- what happens is so sweet!

Its owner says the word "shower" . . . the reaction of his dog is HILARIOUS!

July 10, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Anyone who has a pet dog at home knows the drama that occurs when you have to give your pet a bath!

No one likes having wet hair which then must be dried with a devilishly frightening machine that blows hot air and makes a deafening noise! If you think about it, what a stressful situation it must be for our four-legged friends!

But all this does not apply to Misty, a very likeable and totally atypical little Corgi dog who when her owner asks if she wants to take a shower . . . her spontaneous reaction is astonishing!

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