This woman is no longer self-sufficient…
Put some slices of tomato in a flower pot - here is what happens after 10 days! Make a fire using a LEMON!? -- Yes, here's how!

This woman is no longer self-sufficient -- what her husband does will bring tears to your eyes....

March 21, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If you are looking for evidence of the actual existence of true love, then this video will certainly give you some real proof that it does exist! Bill and his wife Glad, have been together since he was 17 years old and she was 15 years old. The couple has gone through the countless important moments and events that life always presents as the years go by such as marriage, working, having and raising children, getting older, etc.  But after reaching 50 years of marriage came the hardest test of all...

In 2005, Glad was diagnosed with "Alzheimer's" and now she can no longer take care of herself. For Bill, personally taking care of her every need is the best way to thank her for all the love that she has given him.


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