Only one of the two eggs came from a…
It seems like a simple egg toast -- but when you slice it open ... it will make your mouth water! Fantastic paper towel hacks --- that you certainly do not know about!

Only one of the two eggs came from a free range farm -- Can you tell which one?

March 12, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

There are eggs and then there are real eggs, and the difference is not only in price. The eggs that are produced on a farm with hens that are free to roam and scratch the ground looking for worms and insects have a yolk with a bright orange-yellow color. Free-range eggs from a farm also have a much more intense odor and flavor. 

Instead, the egg that was purchased at a supermarket and the one from a convenience store both show a light yellow color, as well as being more insipid. It is very important to choose genuinely healthy food, and this trick allows you to recognize it at a glance!

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