16 brilliant tips for everyday life…
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16 brilliant tips for everyday life that will make you say "Why didn't I think of that before?"

July 31, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

What is the Internet for? To keep in touch with loved ones, to read varied and impartial information, to discover new things about the world, and even to organize revolutions. 

Or to share simple tips that will make everyday life easier! The collective intelligence of the people that use the Internet is always at work to solve small everyday challenges! 

Here we have collected 15 very interesting and useful tips for you.

1. Use muffin baking tins as a tray to serve sauces and condiments. \

2. A banana can eliminate light scratches on CDs!


3. Need softened but not melted butter? Put some boiling water in a glass until it heats up, then empty it. Keep the butter under the glass for a few minutes and it will soften gently.

4. Do you have to shave a heavy beard? Here is how to avoid spending hours cleaning the sink!

5. A little bowl of vinegar and dish soap is an excellent remedy for unwanted insects.


6. Use duct tape to remove fragments of grass from the upholstery in the trunk of your car!

7. Problems dosing seasoning? Make an opening with a knife instead of removing the plastic covering all together!


8. Did you cook your special sauce in large quantities? Put it in a muffin pan, freeze it and then bag it. In this way, you will have practical single portions to be used later!

9. A simple piece of adhesive tape on your suitcase will help you recognize it when you pick it up at the baggage reclaim.


10. If you need to freeze meat, cut it has thin as possible. It will thaw out must faster.

11. No fridge in the hotel? No problem!

12. Suitcase and stroller --- a fantastic 2-in-1 solution!

13. When the batteries are not the right size, using aluminum foil is the answer!

14. If you use two skewers, you will be able to grill meat on both sides without the skewer rolling back to its previous position.

15. To be SURE that bottles do not leak their contents in your suitcase.

16. Use the tabs from aluminum cans to hang picture frames on a wall.

image: justimagine
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