Ready for the summer? Here are 29 essential tricks to experience a stress-free summer

by Shirley Marie Bradby

July 03, 2018

Ready for the summer? Here are 29 essential tricks to experience a stress-free summer

How many times have you heard someone say that their vacation was even more tiring than being at work and they could not wait to come back home?

Maybe it has happened to you too. Often organizing all the little things so that you can enjoy a few days of well-earned rest can prove to be tiring and frustrating.

That's why we have collected a series of tips that will help you live the warmer months with more serenity so that you can really get some rest when you go on vacation!


1. Bottles of ice in the freezer

1. Bottles of ice in the freezer

Youtube/G. Thompson

You can keep bottles filled for a third with water in the freezer. When you want, fill them with your favorite drink and you will always have a drink that is cool and refreshing!


2. Prepare an iced drink in 15 minutes.

2. Prepare an iced drink in 15 minutes.

If you have not followed the previous advice, we have a solution for you. When you put a drink in the freezer to cool it as soon as possible, just wrap it in a wet paper towel. This will speed up the process and it will be almost completely cold in less than 15 minutes!

3. A burning hot steering wheel

3. A burning hot steering wheel


So, you were not able to find a parking place in the shade? Yes, now your car will become an oven, but if you leave the steering wheel turned upside down, the part where you put your hands will be on the cooler side!

4. Take a fitted sheet with you to the beach!

We all know how annoying it can be when sand ends up on our beach towels! Use a mattress cover or a fitted sheet (with elastic corners)! You can hold the corners up with bags and other sufficiently heavy objects and you will have an effective barrier against sand.

5. Use lemons against insects

You eat outdoors and all the insects feel invited to a party! The solution? A lemon with some cloves inserted. It acts as a natural insect repellent but smells great to us humans!


6. Doritos on fire

Are you looking for an alternative way to light a bonfire? Use Doritos! Corn chips (nachios), in general, are excellent fuels and all you need is a lighter or a match.. Who would have thought?

7. Sun tattoos made with water-soluble glue!

Did you know that some water-soluble and neutral pH glues (like this Elmer's) are great for making sun tattoos and do not harm your skin?


8. Sunscreen storage container

Empty and wash a bottle of sunscreen and transform it into a small storage container. There are two advantages  --- it is waterproof and it hides money and other valuables from the eyes of thieves.

9. Ice cubes with aloe vera

Aloe vera is fantastic against sunburn whether mild or severe. Use aloe vera gel (which can be found in pharmacies) and mix it with some water to create these truly refreshing aloe vera ice cubes!


10. Protect your smartphone from water

To prevent your phone from getting wet at the beach, you don't need to buy specific products. Zip-lock freezer bags are just fine!

11. Use basil spray against mosquitoes

A natural remedy for mosquitoes? Spray yourself with lukewarm water and Basil!


12. Protection from melting popsicles

Popsicles are yummy in the summer, but what a bore when they melt and get our hands dirty and sticky. Just use the paper muffin or cupcake molds to avoid any hassles!

13. Talcum powder on the beach

Bring some talcum powder to the sea because it is the most effective remedy to remove damp sand from your and your children's feet!


14. A clothes hanger for sunglasses

Do you own a lot of sunglasses and you lose them around the house? Use a clothes hanger!

15. Cold beer in soda drink cup

Nothing worse than a warm beer and in the summer even cold beers get warm very quickly! Just put a can of beer in a large fast-food drink cup filled with a lot of ice on the bottom!


16. Freeze icicles upright

If you want to make homemade popsicles, remember to place them upside down in the freezer so they are compact and ready to be eaten!

17. Mango, cubed

Here is the easiest and most convenient way to cut a mango and eat it with ease!

18. Wine with ice?

It would be crazy to water down a good wine with ice cubes. Be smart! Put some grapes in the freezer and use them like small ice cubes.

18. Sauces and side dishes served in muffin tray molds.

You know those trays to bake muffins and cupcakes in the oven? They are great for sauces and side dishes for a barbecue with burgers and other meats. And they are great to look at too!

20. Sponges on the pedals

It is beautiful in the summer to ride bikes barefoot, but not when the pedals are burning hot!  Using sponges can solve the problem.

 21. A water jug lamp!

Is there a blackout in your neighborhood? Unfortunately, brownouts are frequent in the summer. You have two solutions --- the classic romantic house full of candles or a science-fiction flashlight that when strapped to a transparent jug of water becomes a real lamp!

22. DIY Sprinkler

Are you dying from the heat in your garden? Make some holes in an empty plastic bottle and attach it with adhesive tape to the garden water hose!

23. coffee cubes

This is the same idea as for wine! Why water down your cold coffee with water ice cubes? Make coffee ice cubes!

24. A homemade stereo system.

A sudden outdoor party? This trick amplifies your smartphone with the paper towel cardboard tube and two plastic cups!

 25. Use the tab as a straw holder!

Does your straw always fall out of the can? Have you ever thought of solving the problem like this?

26. Ice cream sandwich

Have you ever thought of eating a nice DIY ice-cream sandwich? Well, here's how -- cut a "slice" of ice cream from the ice cream container, lay it between two slices of sweet bread or cake, and "unwrap"!