The relationship of this woman with…
This tiny dog is on the edge of a cliff. A second later....! This boy comes back home from summer camp ... even mom is surprised by the reaction of the cat !

The relationship of this woman with her HUGE tigers is beyond imagination !!

August 05, 2015 • By Robert Maggi
While most people would spend retirement relaxing in the garden, Janice Haley decided to devote herself to the care of two, not quite ordinary, pets. About 10 years before this video was filmed, she adopted the tiger cubs to keep them in her backyard. The depth of the relationship that binds them is evident in this video, and who argues that they should live in the wild she says that they would not survive in the wild and that here they are loved, cared for and fed 3 times a day. He concludes: "If I were a tiger I would certainly live in my backyard."

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