Man finds a 3-month-old baby abandoned…
Employee goes on vacation but a problem arises that only he can solve: his boss sends the police to bring him back

Man finds a 3-month-old baby abandoned in street garbage: now he is raising the funds to adopt him

September 12, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

There are things that don't happen by chance and even if we don't believe in destiny, it almost seems that a force greater than us, at times, pushes us in some direction. That's what Jimmy Amisial, a 27-year-old originally from Haiti, must have felt when he found little Emilio abandoned in the trash. The young Haitian was walking through the streets of Gonaives when he saw a crowd standing in front of a screaming child, abandoned in a pile of trash. The young man immediately took the baby in his arms, and from that moment, a new life began for both of them.

No one expects to find a 3-month-old baby abandoned in the street, so Jimmy Amisial was shocked when he saw little Emilio laying on the ground and instinctively picked him up to take him to safety. None of the other passers-by who had stopped to observe the scene had lifted a finger, thinking that the child was bewitched by some curse or that he was carrying evil spirits. "He had no clothes and ants were crawling on him because he had been there for hours. When I picked him up, he immediately stopped crying," recalled Jimmy. The young man immediately went home to his mother, who helped him clean up the baby. Jimmy then immediately alerted the police, who started an investigation. At the time, however, the officers advised him to keep the baby with him, at least for the night. It didn't take long to realize that no one would claim the infant, so Jimmy had to decide whether or not to take temporary custody of the child.

"I spent many sleepless nights wondering. I tossed and turned, but my mom reminded me that things happen for a reason," Jimmy said. "I always wanted to be part of something bigger and for me, this was the moment," he concluded, remembering the moment he accepted the role of guardian for the little one.

At the time, Jimmy was on a summer break from his college studies in Texas; after his brea, he had to return with a visa to complete his studies in Texas. At that time he had to leave little Emilio - which Jimmy had named the child - with his mother, but he always made sure to send them money. To this end, Jimmy also found himself a part-time job to cover all the expenses. In any case, Jimmy understood that he wanted little Emilio to become part of his family and in 2019 he started the adoption process. In Haiti, it's not easy to adopt a child and Jimmy found himself starting a fundraiser to raise the necessary funds. The young man interrupted his studies and started two jobs to get the money. Now Jimmy hopes to wrap up the adoption process as soon as possible and officially become Emilio's father. The little one has always called him "dad" and Jimmy is determined to give all his love to the little one: "I want him to be happy. I want to teach him to love and I want him to know that even if he was abandoned, he is not alone".

This is a truly special family!

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