Young woman counsels a child in the…
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Young woman counsels a child in the school where she works: two years later, she adopts him

July 10, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

It is often said that becoming a parent is the best thing in the world and a child can change one's life for the better, but not everyone has the opportunity to have children or, in some cases, are unable (for many reasons) to take care of the children they have. So it frequently happens that there are many children that have no home or family and are waiting for someone to "notice" them and give them the life they need. What happened in the story we are about to tell you in this article is something special that made two people's lives much better.

A boy and a young woman met by chance at school and were never separated again because she decided to adopt him. Let's find read about their story together.

Paige Bramlett is a young teacher and counselor from Franklin, Indiana, who coincidently found herself working with a lonely boy, William. The woman held the role of being a behavioral specialist in the elementary school where the child went every day and, for some time, she was working with him. As she herself stated in an interview: "The work with William was face to face and we spent 3 hours a day together, working on various aspects of his behavior and living in society. At the beginning, he had great difficulty dealing with life - for a long time he had been in the welfare system and he always tended to isolate himself and remain aloof." This was a situation that immediately caught Paige's attention and struck her deeply.

As the days went by, however, the two began to relate better and talk - but then, William no longer showed up at school. Investigating as to why, Paige found that his absences were related to various issues surrounding the foster care facilities. The matter came to Paige's and she started asking many questions about the child and about his fate. "When he came back to school, I couldn't stay calm," she declared. She continued: "I was apprehensive, I wondered why they would take him out of school, who he was with and what I could do for him". This is how the teacher found her answer.

Talking with friends and relatives, Paige slowly decided to start the process for adopting William. Since she had stopped working at the school, Paige never lost contact with the boy and over time, she was able to put together the pieces of the puzzle and why he landed in foster care. Sporadic encounters, delays and meetings preceded the moment when the boy was officialy adopted by Paige and became her legal son, at the age of 7 years old.

The story, recounted on social media by Paige herself, went around the internet very quickly and touched the hearts of many people - including some famous people, who made themselves available to the new family and also sent gifts to William. And how could it have been otherwise, given the beauty of the gesture made Paige who decided to give the sweet, lonely child a second chance at life.

Extending a helping hand to others is a special and wonderful thing, a gesture that improves both the life of those who receive it and those who make it. Congratulations to this wonderful woman and good luck to them for their future lives together.

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