Young woman is proud of her leg and armpit hair: "My boyfriend loves it" -
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Young woman is proud of her leg and…
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Young woman is proud of her leg and armpit hair: "My boyfriend loves it"

July 09, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

In our society it is very difficult to imagine a woman who does not wax away her hair, since the presence of so-called non-feminine hair on a woman's body not only seems to have been made synonymous with ugliness, but also with poor hygiene. Of course, this is not really the case, and some women simply prefer to show off a more "natural" look, and without having to resort to a beautician for hair removal. Amber, who calls herself "maybe.ambs" on TikTok, is one of these young women who doesn't give a hoot about having hair on her legs or under her armpits, because she likes it and her boyfriend accepts it too for the natural feature that it is.

Thanks to her videos, Amber has managed to create a lot of controversy and has garnered admiration from some of her followers. The young woman proudly displays her hair, and states her aim is to spread awareness among other women. After all, what's wrong with having hair? It is human nature: these hairs grow in the areas they do for a very specific reason and only later in human history did people being decide to remove the hair for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons.

Followers who have seen Amber's videos asked her bluntly if she wasn't worried that her boyfriend might leave her for a less hairy and less "wild" woman, so she posted another very revealing video in response. In the video, she and her boyfriend are traveling by car and the young man strokes her hairy legs as if nothing was abnormal. So no, Amber isn't worried in the least that this will happen.

In addition to showing her armpit hair, for example, Amber has also posted a video in which she decided to dye it purple. On this occasion she stated: "With all the controversy that I have caused, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try a new dye on my armpits. The amount of ignorant people who are out there when it comes to these things makes me mad, but I have to be honest - I like being the cause of more controversy. "

Her attitude has attracted the admiration of many women, who themselves however continue to be reluctant to try sporting this "natural" style. For example, one admirer said: "Congratulations to you, but I could never get away with doing this". Others, however, have said that, sadly, their boyfriends would never accept this natural look and insist that they shave off every "offending" hair as soon as it appears.

What do you think about this controversy?

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