After 9 years in prison, this man realizes his dream: he opens a restaurant on his 45th birthday

by Mark Bennett

July 08, 2022

After 9 years in prison, this man realizes his dream: he opens a restaurant on his 45th birthday

It happens that many people live through very dark moments during their lives. The important thing, in such cases, is to hold on, not give up and wait for the right opportunity to get back in the saddle. And this is a bit like what the subject of this story did. He is Jah Kenya, a man who, after 9 years spent in prison, was released and decided to take another shot at changing his life. Through his actions, he demonstrated an enviable tenacity and willpower that eventually lead to him making his greatest dream come true.

Let's find out about his story together in this article:

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Jah is a man from Kansas City, USA, who lived through a very bad experience. Unjustly arrested for a crime - according to what he has always claimed - he was sentenced to 9 years in prison which put his whole life on hold. With the dream of becoming a great chef and opening his own restaurant, Jah had studied culinary arts and had graduated. But unfortunately something went very wrong and he found himself serving a very long prison sentence.

In spite of everything that had happened, Jah never gave up and was always active in the kitchen - even during his detention period. By joining the prison's rehabilitation programs, he took care of the vegetable garden within the prison and contributed to the production of many tasty consumables. He helped with the growing of vegetables, fruit and spices and that, once harvested, were distributed to local nursing homes and similar facilities. This was a commitment to the community that made him feel good and useful.

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When he was released from prison after nearly a decade, Jah was assisted by Second Chance KC, an association that helps former inmates get back on track in society. Through them, Jah resumed his job as a cook and slowly, working first in other places, he managed to fulfill his greatest wish. On his 45th birthday, he finally opened his own restaurant and declared he was ready to live the life he always wanted. This was an immense joy both for him and for the people dear to him.

Opal 'N Blue's - this is the name of his restaurant. And the restaurant is not only proof of his tenacity, but also a tribute to his grandparents. The name, in fact, is inspired by them: Opal and Clarence - two people who evidently were very dear to him and played an important role in his life.

🥳🎉Happy Birthday shout out to my Schlagle Stallion classmate & friend, Chef Jah Kenya 🎈🎂 Also congratulations 🎊 on the...

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We just want to wish Jah all the luck in the world - especially since he hasn't had too much so far - and hope that his restaurant will give him a lot of happiness. Congratulations, Jah!