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Father meets his son for the first time:…
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Father meets his son for the first time: he had been sent to prison for 12 years before his child was born

July 27, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Sometimes mistakes can be made that have dire consequences and can impact one's life forever. Unfortunately, one doesn't always have the maturity to understand when something is right or wrong, nor the rationality to stop from doing something one will almost certainly regret in the future. This is exactly what happened to this father.

For a mistake he made, Zoski Brilla was sentenced to 12 years in prison which prevented him from raising the son he had with his partner. In this story, we recount the moment in which, after 12 years of incarceration, this man was able to embrace his son for the first time.

Zoski Brilla is a man who, due to committing a crime, had to spend 12 years of his life in prison. Sentenced to imprisonment for the crime, the man not only had to give up his freedom, but also the joy of seeing his son grow up. In fact, just as he was about to start his sentence, his partner gave birth to their son. Unable to be at the birth for the reasons just stated, Zoski had to wait for more than a decade before he could get to know his son and hold him tight. And 12 years is not a short time, which is why, when the time finally came, the man was extremely nervous about meeting his son.

In a video posted to his TikTok account, Zoski appears very nervous, tense and unable to sit still from his anxiety. When the son is invited into the room where his father is, the man begins to squirm and move about nervously. And who wouldn't have had such a reaction at the thought of meeting someone as important as their child for the first time?

Then, when the boy arrives, the clip shows two people who stand apart a short distance and who scrutinize each other - initally, they are cautious. But then, they suddenly rush towards each other and have a moving and all-too-long-awaited embrace.


Unfortunately, life does not always go as we imagine it will and our choices, in some cases, are not always the best, but it is really nice to think that not all is lost, and even those who have made a mistake can get a second chance. For Zoski, this was certainly true and getting to know his son was the best way to get him back on the straight and narrow, don't you think?

We all wish Zoski all the best for his new life, and hope he can make up the lost time and develop a loving relationship with his son as soon as possible.

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