Bride asks her brother-in-law not to bring his dog to her wedding: he ignores the request and is kicked out -
Bride asks her brother-in-law not to…
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Bride asks her brother-in-law not to bring his dog to her wedding: he ignores the request and is kicked out

July 27, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Organizing the wedding of your dreams is a challenging, and at the same time, exciting endeavour: hopefully everything goes flawlessly, but you are also aware of all the stress that such an event entails, especially when trying to manage everyone's expectations. And everyone knows that at every wedding ceremony, there will always be one or two guests who will not miss the opportunity to ruin the long-awaited day. It is precisely for this reason that a young bride turned to Reddit to ask for advice from her followers and to ask if she was really wrong when she kicked her brother-in-law out of her wedding ceremony because he did not respect her rules.

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The young woman explained that she had recently got married and had an argument with her 21-year-old brother-in-law, Jack. "For some reason he doesn't like me. He's always been passive-aggressive towards me and has made terrible comments about me on several occasions. Jack has a very large German Shepherd that he loves and takes with him everywhere. The dog is very active and quite large," said the bride. The man wanted the bride and groom to include his dog in the wedding invitation, but the bride refused to oblige and Jack did not appreciate this. "He said it showed disrespect for his dog," explained the young woman. "I don't hate dogs; I have a Chihuahua that I got 3 years ago. But she too (bless her) can't stand Jack's moody dog," she added.

On the day of the wedding, Jack showed up with his dog and wearing a T-shirt that read "Doggy Dad". The young man sat with his dog at the table where the bride's family was sitting. "My brother-in-law smiled at us mischieviously," explained the young bride. "The dog started running around the reception. He barked and made the guests feel uncomfortable: I'm not exaggerating, some of my closest friends wanted to leave because of the dog running around wild," explained the bride.

"I told Jack he had to take his dog somewhere else and someone else could look after him. Jack refused and argued with me, so I told him to leave. My mother-in-law kept calling me crazy for telling to her son to leave. She said I was ruining my wedding day and I had to calm down and let Jack enjoy his brother's wedding. My husband just stood there, like a block of wood. He put his hands in his pockets, and said he just wanted to run away," the woman described. Eventually, Jack left the reception, but the woman's mother-in-law got mad at her and accused her of overreacting to the presence of "an innocent little dog". This is why the young woman asked the Reddit community for their opinions to find out if she really had acted inappropriately.

The bride's followers fully agreed with her: "You made it clear from the start that the dog was not supposed to come along. Your mother-in-law and brother-in-law willingly ignored you. From its behavior, this was clearly not a well-behaved dog, but a poorly trained pet that he should never have brought to a formal event such as a wedding - especially when the bride had clearly requested the owner not to bring the pet," wrote one user. Other comments focused on the behavior of the groom: "Part of me wonders if your husband knew if his brother was bringing the dog or not. If he is not willing to defend you on your wedding day, be prepared to be constantly treated like a doormat for the rest of your marriage. Good luck! " they wrote.

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