Twelve-year-old renovates her home in…
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Twelve-year-old renovates her home in 10 days for just over €116 euros

July 05, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

We all remember the tough lockdown period of 2020, when we all sang from the balconies and cooked homemade pizzas to pass the time in isolation, waiting for a solution to the Coronavirus pandemic. Well, at that time Bea, a 12-year-old girl, was very bored- just like most of her peers who were forced to stay in the house. So, Bea's mother - a DIY expert - asked her daughter to help out at home. The girl accepted willingly. Susie Levache, from Kent, UK, said that her daughter Bea is determined, rebellious, fun and creative, so it's only natural that she wanted to take advantage of the extra free time.

via: BoredPanda

"During the lockdown, Bea complained about being bored. So, as I tried to catch up with some renovations and upgrades in the house, I had an idea," Levache said. "To teach her a few DIY skills, I asked Bea to take measurements of a wall I was about to rennovate. Then I showed her how to use the workbench and the hand saw and, before I knew it, she had completed fitting the new panelling in my office all by herself ".

Soon, the young "apprentice" decided to tour the rest of the house and her mother was happy to supervise and guide her. Bea felt ready for a bigger project: the kitchen. However, the stores were closed due to COVID, so it would not be possible to purchase any new wall units. She had to find a way to work with what she already had. She decided that the mismatched paint would be a perfect project and she got to work on a very tight budget. A few simple modifications and a fresh coat of paint, coupled with painstaking work, made it possible to dramatically change the look of the kitchen. The result was absolutely perfect.

As the days passed, Bea found other projects to work on. Not only did each room look great afterwards, they also retained the same style as the kitchen and office, creating a beautiful play of colors throughout the house. Each room was able to "merge in" with the next. In the process, the 12-year-old learned to work with an electric drill, sander, tile cutter, hand saw, stencil and level with ease. No wonder her work looks so professional: she used the right tools.

As for the costs, in the end, just over € 116 euros was spent on extra items to complete the multitude of projects. The rest were obtained from materials already present in the house and from objects that could be reused. It took about ten days to complete all the rooms. Bea didn't stop until she had the whole house completely renovated. The dedication of this very young girl certainly paid off: this masterpiece on a limited budget - even if looking at it you would not think it - seems to be done to perfection.


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