Discover this innovative building technology! Very impressive! -
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Discover this innovative building technology!…
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Discover this innovative building technology! Very impressive!

March 05, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The Mexican building industry has developed a new construction system that allows not only a reduction in costs and labor time, but it also helps to solve some of the difficulties encountered in rural areas in the country. One of the main difficulties is that in those rural areas few people have enough money to buy a house -- but now they can afford one with this new system.

The method consists of self-assembling single-module cement blocks, which fit together without the use of mortar and cement, while still guaranteeing the solidity and robustness of the structure.

The new frontier in building construction attempts to develop techniques that require fewer materials and an increased robustness.

These special single-module blocks were created by the evolution of well-known techniques. Now, it is possible to construct, in only a few hours, an entire one-floor building that is solid and durable. These constructions do not require any binders or mixtures to be held together. Each piece intuitively fits into the next and automatically interlocks when properly and securely placed. 

Neither is skilled labor required, thanks to these single-module blocks, anyone can build their own homes.

This is a true revolution if you think that in Mexico in poorer areas there are whole families who construct their houses with whatever building materials they can pick up from the streets, due to not being able to afford a house, not even a small one, because of the high cost of materials.

They are called Block ARMO and were designed and created by the manufacturer Armed Omega and the architect Jorge Capistrano.

In a press conference, they stated that these single-module blocks were designed to provide new construction methods and materials so as to meet the demand for decent housing by Mexican families.

Thanks to these innovative single-module blocks, it has been possible to build 300 homes in Sierra Negra.


The basic idea is that of a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces are fitted together and a minimum amount of mortar must be used every 80 cm (32 in) of height reached.

In disadvantaged places where water is scarce, it is not possible to procure enough water for mixing mortars and cement. Therefore, these single-module blocks are the only solution.

Last but not least, these self-assembling single-module blocks can be used in areas affected by natural disasters, to ensure in a short time real and sturdy housing facilities to replace the tent cities. 

Interesting projects, like this one, dedicated to innovation help countries to develop! 

Here is the video, we see a demonstration of the ease with which these single-module blocks can be used to construct a building!


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