This woman had always wanted to become a grandmother, and after 17 years, her dream has finally come true -
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This woman had always wanted to become…
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This woman had always wanted to become a grandmother, and after 17 years, her dream has finally come true

May 28, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

What can we do to grant the greatest wish of a family member? Perhaps many of us have asked ourselves this question and sought the best answer to make a loved one happy as best we can. But what if the biggest dream of a woman or a man is to become a grandparent? In this case, there could well be a bit of a wait before the dream is fulfilled. We all know very well that giving birth to a child is not a decision to be made in a rush and without thinking, but it must be carefully considered and you have to be very sure you want to bring a child into the world. Grandparents are factors in this calculation - up to a certain point - and, some in particular, are thrilled at the idea of having a little grandchild to spoil.

For the woman we want to tell you about, the situation was just like this. She was eager to become a grandmother, she had but she had to wait a long time before receiving a completely unexpected surprise. In this story, we will you about what her son and daughter-in-law organized for her birthday.

Beth Cory, the daughter-in-law of the subject of this story, posted a video on Tik Tok in which a very emotional moment with her mother-in-law is immortalized.

In the video of the scene, we see the elderly lady, on her birthday, sitting at a restaurant table and preparing to unwrap a gift box from her son and daughter-in-law. The box in question contains three small gift packages.

The woman takes out the first package and it is a bag of her favorite licorice candies. Glad to have received them, the lady, following Beth's instructions, proceeds to open the second package.

Once the wrapping is removed, we see a small children's book in her hands. While she states how much she likes books in this genre - and in particular the one she has just got - her daughter-in-law then tell her to unwrap the third and final package - supposedly the most important one of all.

The elderly woman unwraps the package and what she sees, leaves her speechless. The last package contained a tiny baby t-shirt and she knew this could only mean one thing: she would soon be becoming a grandmother.

Her greatest wish was about to be fulfilled and she could not help but burst into tears, overcome by the emotion and joy felt. According to Beth, her mother-in-law had been waiting for this moment for about 17 years and, after all this time, she and her husband had finally got to chance to make her happy.


Becoming a grandmother was this elderly woman's greatest wish and, thanks to the love between her son and her daughter-in-law, it was finally coming true. We are sure that she will be a wonderful grandmother - her eyes say it all and her happiness is clearly shown in the emotionally moving video.

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