Husband throws wedding cake in his wife's face on their special day: she asks for a divorce the next day -
Husband throws wedding cake in his wife's…
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Husband throws wedding cake in his wife's face on their special day: she asks for a divorce the next day

May 02, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

For most people, a wedding day is one of the most wonderful days in their lives. A dream is realized, you unite with your loved one and experience wonderful moments surrounded by the affection of loved ones. But things do not always go according to plan for some. That's right - disaster can strike, even at a wedding. In fact, on a couple's wedding day, it could also be the case that the worst part of someone can be exposed.

Did this ever happen to you? If not, then you were lucky and you had the right people around you. The bride, who is the subject of this story, did not have her dream wedding come true and we will tell you why.

via: Mirror

For this bride, everything necessary had been made ready for an unforgettable day, bar one thing. We do not know if you have heard about the latest, new habit at weddings. It would seem that, in addition to traditional customs such as tossing the bride's bouquet, taking off the garter, breaking a plate or a glass, throwing cake in the face of your spouse has become a very popular practice.

Yes, that's right - wedding cake in the face. Apparently, in many recent receptions, not only do the spouses exchange and eat little pieces of the wedding cake to symbolize their deep union and their committment to provide support and assistance to each other for life, but it seems the cake-sharing goes one, drastic step further. The couple, after sharing this romantic moment, should also "throw" (or squash) a piece of the wedding cake into the face of their partner.

The subject of this story is deeply opposed to this new, cake-throwing custom and  begged her future husband to spare her the humiliation of having to go through something like this. After all, why spoil a bride's hairstyle and makeup on the day when she feels like a real princess?

In any case, her partner assured her that he would do nothing of the sort, and he would respect her request for him to abstain from any cake tomfoolery. Unfortunately this was not the case and the groom did not keep his word. According to what the bride posted on the web, when the moment arrived, her husband grabbed her by the nape of her neck and pushed her face into the wedding cake. The bride, who suffers from claustrophobia, was speechless with shock at this betrayal. This action, coupled with her husband breaking his work, triggered a rage in the new bride and she went on the rampage.


The day after the wedding she broke off her relationship with her new husband and filed for divorce. Most of her relatives and friends asked her to think twice, and not to get carried away by her momentary disappointment, and to try to forgive her husband. But she doesn't feel she can do this. For this reaason why she has not contacted her husbankd and she is moving forward with the final separation arrangements.

For her, it is not so much the incident with the cake itself, but now the impossibility of being able to trust a person who, through his foolish act, "betrayed" her without a moment's hesitation. Many follows who read her post agreed with her and advised her to leave her husband immediately. The woman, however, found herself in a difficult position because she loves her partner, but she cannot bring herself to trust him again.

What do you think of this bizarre story?

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