Actress is 63 years old and gives thanks every day for not being a mother: "Children are for young women" -
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Actress is 63 years old and gives thanks…
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Actress is 63 years old and gives thanks every day for not being a mother: "Children are for young women"

March 31, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Motherhood is an extraordinary gift from Mother Nature but at the same time it can be a prison. It is true that there are those women who want to become a mother at all costs, there are also women who get pregnant without their knowledge or against their wishes. Similarly, there are those who give in to the pressures of society that imply that unless a woman gives birth to at least one child, she is not a real woman. And then there are also women who, by choice, do not want to bring children into the world or others who are unable to have them even if they try, and see this inability as an unequivocal sign.

Today, we want to introduce you to Totia Meireles, a very popular actress in her country of Brazil who, in a recent interview, declared how lucky she felt not to have any biological or adopted children. Obviously, her words were harshly criticized because they were considered insensitive towards all those women who are trying to have a baby at least once in their lives. But the truth lies somewhere in between - as the Brazilian actress has stated repeatedly, she has tried for years to get pregnant, but unfortunately Mother Nature had given her an unexpected handicap: infertility.

Totia Meireles has also tried some alternative treatments, such as artificial insemination, but in all the years, her body has never produced the desired result. Simply put, Totia began to see these failures as a great life lesson, namely that Mother Nature was telling her that her role in life was not to be a mother. Now that she is 63, however, when she looks back on everything she has done to pursue motherhood, she does not regret her choices and indeed, she is very happy not to have had children in the past, and is glad not to be a mother in the present (and in the future, of course): "I thank God that I never had children and that I won't be able to. Little children are for when you are young. A child is not something you get rid of at the end of the day and you hang it in the closet as if were a dress to be replaced with pajamas. "


Obviously, the words of this Brazilian actress have generated a stir in the country. Many people have sincerely appreciated her honest and frank words, while others have instead found her statements insensitive towards all those women around the world who desperately want become mothers but fail for many reasons.

And you, on the other hand? What do you think of the words of Totia Meireles? Did she do well to accept her "natural" condition with serenity, or would she have been better off showing a bit more tact towards those who would like to experience motherhood?


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