She always wants to taste everything he eats first: he hides in his car so as not to be seen -
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She always wants to taste everything…
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She always wants to taste everything he eats first: he hides in his car so as not to be seen

February 27, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When you embark on a life as a couple you know that you will have to share many aspects of your daily life with your partner; everyday life is not just made up of roses and chocolates - there is so much to work on, endure, make sacrifices, compromises and so on. From the most urgent and important things to the most apparently trivial, when you are a couple, nothing is ever really done alone, not even getting to eat a bite in peace is always possible. And this is one thing that a man on Reddit knows perfectly well from his unpleasant experience with his current girlfriend ...

via: Mirror UK

On a Reddit group, the man recently anonymously told about how much he has been extremely frustrated with his partner for a very simple and apparently trivial reason: she always wants to taste the very first bite of whatever he is eating, especially the food he orders at fast food joints. Here is what the boy in clear frustration said: "I have been living with my girlfriend for six months. We are both in our early 20s and have a great relationship in general. Well before we started our relationship, I was a huge consumer of fast food. There is an intersection in my city that is home to seven different fast food outlets, and I go to just about all of them. Since I work shifts, I am generally off around 11 am, and then being too tired to cook, I have a hamburger, sometimes a cheeseburger and some fries.

My girlfriend always wants a bite - only the first bite,mind - of everything I order. When I noticed this happening, I started calling her on my way to the restaurant and asking her if she wanted anything. Her response was always "no". But when I get home and start to eat, at the sound of the the fast food containers opening, it is just like Pavlov's bells to her. She immediately walks over to where I am eating and asks if she can have a bite. "

But obviously the story doesn't end there. The boy continued his venting online with the following words, and eventually asking Reddit users for advice on how to behave in the future: "I asked if I could leave her some food at the end of my meal. No, she insists she wants the first bite. I begged her to let me buy her some food for the next time. No, she doesn't want to eat that much. I tried to order a little more and let her eat a whole burger. No, she turns all the food I order onto one serving plate and then throw away the food I bought for her when I can't finish it.

I really don't like this behavior of her. I've been eating in the car for the past few weeks and got rid of the wrappers. I lied to her telling her I wasn't hungry on those days on my way home from work, but then the other day she found a garbage bag full of fast food wrappers in our trash can on garbage day and is furious at me for lying to her. What should I do?"

Most of the users who have read this man's outburst have sided with the boy and have shown understanding for his situation. What advice would you give to this man? Let us know in the comments!


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