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Triplets share everything in life: "We…
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Triplets share everything in life: "We also want to marry the same man"

January 12, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Those lucky enough to have a twin brother or sister certainly has a person who will be by their side for life. It is known how twins build a unique and very solid relationship between themselves, but the story of Taiwo, Kehinde and Eta Omosuwa, triplet twin sisters, deserves to be told for its very special attributes. After sharing their mother's womb for nine months, the three sisters have never been separated and, despite having come of age, they continue to want to do the same things together in order not to be apart.

But how far have these triplets gone in their goal? It was apparently not enough for them to have take the same types of jobs... they now want to get married to the same man!

Taiwo, Kehinde and Eta Omosuwa are three twin sisters of Nigerian origin who are so close to each other that they want to build a single life together. They are only 25 years old, but they seem to have already decided on many important choices: after high school, all three went on to get degrees in nursing after high school. They have also all three managed to qualify as professional make-up artists.

The need to do and share all the same things in their lives does, however, seem to have got a bit out of hand...

The triplets not only managed to get to do the same job, but they also have the same working hours. They claim to be identical in all respects, from shoe size to the clothes they wear. But the triplets' public statements on other matters have left many users baffled. Apparently, these sisters, in addition to sharing everything in life, have gone even further: they all now want to marry the same man!

In other words, if a man marries one of the twins, he will automatically marry the others as well. Now this can accurately be described as an indissoluble bond between the triplets!

Believe it or not, in the end, the three sisters managed to fulfill their wish, and have all married one man. In Nigeria, 12 of its 36 states recognise polygamous unions.


It seems that the three sisters are delighted with their intertwined lives in which they share practically everything - including a husband. What do you think about this situation?

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