A disable woman walks down the aisle…
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A disable woman walks down the aisle on her wedding day

November 21, 2021 • By Alison Forde

As long as you are alive, nothing is impossible, every obstacle can be brilliantly overcome if you have the tenacity and the fortitude to face each mountain that stands in the way of your goal, with your head held high. Not everyone has the temper and the character to face the difficulties that this path called life places before us, and that is certainly not a defect; yet, faced with certain stories of courage and inner strength, we can not help but stand up and applaud these exceptional people...

Today we want to tell you about a beautiful love story born in 2014 between two people full of life and passion; his name is Jay Bloomfield, she is Chelsie Hill; the couple met about four years after the girl was confined to using a wheelchair; Paralyzed from the waist down, Chelsie never lost heart and never gave in to sadness or despair. Thanks to her Instagram channel, she has collected many followers and over time she has become a real champion of social media in the fight for equal rights of disabled people with motor disabilities.

When the girl met Jay she knew perfectly well that he was her man in her life, so they decided after some time to get married; an unforgettable event that Chelsie already knew in her heart that she wanted to make even more special.

The girl said: "First of all I would like to emphasize that there is nothing wrong with being in a wheelchair. But for me, growing up, the desire to walk down the aisle of the church on my own two feet, on my wedding day, was important. Not that my disability had taken anything away from me but I just wanted to feel that special heart to heart feeling that is created in that moment and be there, face to face with him. It was really something really important to me. "

Thanks to a personalized wedding dress, a special leg brace and an ad hoc walker, Chelsie was able to walk arm in arm, with her excited father, down the aisle of the church that had been chosen as the location for their extraordinary wedding. We can imagine Jay's face when he saw his beloved bride approaching him at the altar, on her own feet and moving with the walker. Jay burst into tears with emotion!


An emotion that was perfectly captured by the beautiful professional photographs by Asha Bailey, who on her TikTok profile, has published some of the most touching and meaningful shots from that unforgettable wedding,

Congratulations to Jay and Chelsie!

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