She marries a gay man and together they…
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She marries a gay man and together they start a beautiful family: the bond that binds them is true love

November 10, 2021 • By Alison Forde

You can feel many types of love and we are sure that each of these will represent a very strong and equally beautiful feeling. Experience teaches us that love can manifest itself in various forms and can bind two people inextricably for the rest of their lives. The story of Matthew Nielson and his wife Brynn Embley is, perhaps, very illustrative in this sense: Matthew is gay, and a humble husband and father and Brynn a very happy mother and wife who seems to have found her ideal life partner. Truth be told, they both found each other and seem to be perfect for each other. Of course, Matthew's sexual orientation cannot be considered as a mere detail, but what binds the two before anything else is the perfect chemistry that unites them. Together, the two have had two beautiful daughters.

Matthew and Brynn met in church for the first time and immediately understood, from that moment on, that they shared many interests and also an overview of how to live. They dated for a while, until, one day, Matthew decided to confess to her that he was gay. Brynn didn't give it any weight and she wasn't shocked: she was happy that she had been "chosen" by Matthew regardless of her sexual orientation. The two spent wonderful times together, which made them happy: isn't this true love? In fact, after only a couple of months, the two decided to get married!

Although some people were a little shocked and even hurt by their "mixed" marriage, their families supported them on this journey. Their shared love of travel and books must have been a great bond to the relationship, as well as the respect and love that should never be lacking in any relationship. Brynn describes her relationship with Matthew as follows: "The most loving thing Matthew has ever told me is that he never gets tired of me, of all human beings he has ever known - this kind of compatibility doesn't happen every day.".

We can't disagree with her, this type of connection rarely happens between two people and everyone knows it's best not to let it slip when it happens!


The two have come out publicly, sharing some snapshots of their very happy marriage and family life on Instagram, with the aim of sharing a message of peace, love and acceptance. A message that could also help other people who feel they are not receiving the love they deserve.

Matthew and Brynn live happily in Michigan with their two little girls, Guinevere and Amandine.

Certainly, this sort of "open" marriage is not for everyone, but this couple want to continue sharing all the love that unites them with the rest of the world, in the hope of bringing a message of peace and equality for all. What do you think of this?

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