She only has $20 to spend on shoes for his son, but a generous man offers to buy them for him -
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She only has $20 to spend on shoes for…
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She only has $20 to spend on shoes for his son, but a generous man offers to buy them for him

October 14, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Parenting in times of economic crisis can be really hard work. Doing a full-time job that can allow mom or dad (or both) to be able to bring bread into the house, be able to feed the children and make sure that they don't lack anything essential. A parent would really do anything to make sure their child doesn't miss out on anything, even if it's hard to make ends meet. The story we want to tell you today has as its protagonist a single mother of two children who could not make it to the end of the month; but then, an "angel" helped them out...

via: KTVB

The woman is called Malisa Manguso, she is a single mother of two beautiful children but often she can't make it to the end of the month; when she had to go and buy a new pair of shoes for her 11-year-old son Zack, she was mortified: they had so little money that the maximum budget they could get together for a new pair was only $20: "I had the same shoes for about nine months and the soles were destroyed!", said little Zack.

What they didn't know was that that day, while mom and son were having this budget conversation, a man had overheard their words and he decided to give them a hand as much as he could...

The angel without wings who was about to make Malisa and Zack's day unforgettable and full of emotion was called Lito Mason and with these words she told the great gesture of solidarity and generosity he had enacted towards this family who are living through hard times: "The woman was working on a tight budget at the time, and I get it, we all get it this time of year, when the boys go back to school. I asked the 11 year old boy, 'so what kind of shoes do you like.? ' He said: "I just want something that is comfortable"; it was enough for me to hear those unassuming words! At that point, I told him that he could choose whatever he wanted and I would pay for it ... "

And so that's what Lito Mason did!



Mother Malisa was obviously moved by this stranger's generous gesture, and she had no hesitation in calling him "an angel who came down to earth to help them in that difficult moment": "He looked at me out of the blue and told me: 'I'll tell you one thing, that little guy needs to have good shoes on his feet and he has to look good when he goes to junior high. Just pick the shoes and don't worry about the price. For the first time in a long time, I saw Zachary light up and be so happy! "

A truly moving story that shows us once again that reaching out to those most in need of help is always the right choice to make! 

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