At 17 she wins £1 million on the lottery but then regrets it: "Having a lot of money has ruined my life" -
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At 17 she wins £1 million on the lottery…
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At 17 she wins £1 million on the lottery but then regrets it: "Having a lot of money has ruined my life"

September 29, 2021 • By Alison Forde

What would you do if lady luck suddenly shone on you and your lottery ticket brought you a record win? Not only would a nice stack of money await you, but the heavy burden of choosing how best to exploit it would also fall on you: would you spend it all fon fun and fripperies or make dreams come true? Would you it them aside to ensure a solid and stable future? Or would you use part of it to do good for society? The experience of this young woman, who is now 25, will make you think again about the benefits of winning the lottery ...

via: The Sun UK

Jane Park is a 25-year-old Scottish girl who in 2013 became one of the most famous teenagers in the United Kingdom: in fact, when she was only 17, she became the youngest girl in the country to win the national lottery thanks to extraordinary luck. Jane had brought home, to her great surprise, the fantastic sum of £1 million; an exorbitant figure for a girl of only seventeen but it can be a double-edged sword.

In fact, Jane said she squandered this huge amount on cosmetic surgery touch-ups, real estate purchases and a mountain of new and luxurious clothes; but as time went on, the Scottish girl reluctantly revealed that all that luck she had did her absolutely no good ...

Here is what Jane Park said years after winning the national lottery: "Having won so much money has ruined my life. I thought that everything would be ten times better, but instead it wasn't. It's ten times worse than before. Most of the time, I wish I'd never won that money. My life would have been so much simpler. Now, people look at me and say, "I wish I had your money and your life", but they don't realize my constant stress. I have a lot of material possessions, it is true, but other than that, my life is empty. What is the purpose of my existence?"

Now Jane is intent on filing a complaint against Camelot, the British lottery company and EuroMillions: "I think you should only b able to play the lotto if you are 18 years old, I was not yet of age when I won a million pounds ..."



For its part, however, the Camelot company responded to the girl's intention to denounce them with great perplexity: "We have been in regular contact with Jane to support her more. But it's always the winner who must accept this support. Otherwise, it seems to us that this is only the complaint from a woman who has won a large sum and is now simply in an existential crisis!"

What is your opinion on the incredible story of Jane Park? IS she right to sue the company that runs the national lottery or is it just a rather childish complaint?



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