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A saleswoman resigns in front of everyone…
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A saleswoman resigns in front of everyone using the supermarket loudspeaker: "I'm leaving"

September 29, 2021 • By Alison Forde

These days, it is always better to try hard to keep hold of the job we have; although many dream of better salaries or working regimes, it's preferable to wake up every day with the certainty of reaching the end of the day with a minimum wage than staying at home with no prospect of an income and nothing to do. But there are situations in the workplace which some employees find worse than others, and it's their right to be heard ... even over the loudspeaker!

The video that Beth McGrath posted on her Facebook profile some time ago went viral around the web in no time; the Louisiana woman reported working for a Walmart supermarket for at least five years; a not insignificant period of time, which would make us think that Beth gets along well with her superiors, but the reality is not like this at all. She took to the loudspeaker of the supermarket and one day in front of everyone, colleagues, superiors and simple customers, she shouted these words in a loud and clear voice: "Attention Walmart customers and collaborators, my name is Beth from the electronics department. I've worked in Walmart for nearly five years and I can tell everyone here is overworked and underpaid. We are treated badly by management and customers every day. Whenever we have a problem with superiors, we are told that we are replaceable."

Beth went on with even stronger words, never giving in to terror or doubt: "Shame on you for treating your associates the way you treat them. I hope you don't address your families the way you address us. Walmart doesn't deserve us. Goodbye to this job, I'm quitting!"

Obviously, the video published by the American girl immediately went around the web, among acquaintances, friends and simple bystanders who celebrated and envied the girl's courage in saying those strong words in front of everyone, over the speaker, without fear of an aftermath. For Beth, the web's reaction to the images she posted was "like a roller coaster of emotions"; as the girl kept reiterating in a later thank you video, she said "I didn't record the video to get more exposure. I recorded the video for my colleagues to let them know I love them and want the best for them. I wanted to be their voice. I wanted to be my voice."

An extraordinary example of courage, no doubt about it!

Here you can see the original video (be warned, it contains explicit language.)


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