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Teased because he was the son of a janitor,…
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Teased because he was the son of a janitor, he was admitted to 9 prestigious universities: a great result

September 18, 2021 • By Alison Forde

As we all know, education can sometimes be extremely expensive. For those who cannot afford university fees, studying at university can be a real challenge. Yet coming from a humble family is not a valid justification for giving up striving to make your dreams come true, even when they seem impossible to achieve. Fred Ramon, a young Brazilian boy, gave his all to change his destiny by studying with makeshift methods. Today, however, thanks to his enormous willpower and determination, he has been admitted to nine American universities, which are among the most important in the world!

Let's go to Brazil, where Fred Ramon, a 20-year-old guy of very humble origins has become famous for his determination and intelligence. Living in one of the poorest regions of Brazil, his dream has always been to be able to live one day in the United States, with a degree in hand. An apparently impossible goal given his parents' limited financial resources.

From the earliest years of high school, at Fernando Mota State School, Fred was known as the African American boy who was the son of the school janitor. Unfortunately, as often happens, the young 20-year-old has often been the victim of bullying or racism due to his origins.


Despite the constant harassment and mockery of his peers, Fred remained focused on his goal by following the only path that would lead him to a different future: studying. At home, in fact, the young Brazilian jealously guarded a collection of books found by chance on the street or in the trash, not being able to afford to buy them. A little treasure trove which the boy he is extremely proud of.

The incredible thing is that thanks to these books and his study methodology, Fred became passionate about the study of the English language also motivated by his favorite singer, Christina Aguilera.



I wanted to be able to understand the lyrics of my favorite singer's songs, I wanted to be able to speak her language and then one day meet her in person. I have been listening to American music since I was 4 years old and since then I have always had the dream of being able to speak fluent English one day,” says the boy. “Studying the English language, I realized how interesting American culture was. So I started planning my life as an American citizen by engaging in my studies,” concludes Fred.

Fred's mother, Suly Santo, has always been very proud of her son and his irrepressible desire to study. With all her love, she has always done everything possible to facilitate her son's studies, accompanying him to school on foot despite the torrential rains and the cold.


After more than five years of hard sacrifices by Fred and the whole family, finally the good news: Fred had successfully passed his university entrance exams and has been summoned by nine of the most important universities in the world. From the University of Florida to the University of Arizona, Fred is now spoiled for choice, after all, he has amply deserved this immense satisfaction.

A golden boy who was rewarded for his willpower and his talent, redeeming himself from the prejudices of his high school friends and teachers. A huge good luck to this young prodigy and to all his family!


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