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A 102-year-old teacher has her dream…
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A 102-year-old teacher has her dream of going back to class for a day fulfilled

June 03, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Teaching - transmitting values and education to children and young people - has always been one of the most noble jobs that can be performed in life. Those who choose to follow this path choose to make their working life available to contribute to both the social and cultural growth of people. This is a wonderful thing, if we think about it in context. A teacher, especially in kindergartens and elementary schools, has in his or her hands, many children who are completely innocent and who still have everything to learn about life. The teachers, together with the parents obviously, do an extremely important job: they lay the foundations so that every child can form their own personality and give rise to the well-rounded man or woman of tomorrow.

And it is precisely for this reason, that many teachers take their profession very seriously and would do anything to stay l in the classroom for as long as possible to pass on knowledge, cultural norms, rules of society how to live with morals and values. The woman we are about to tell you about is well aware of this. Let's read about her story together:

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This is Michela Ponte, a 102-year-old woman who, at her venerable age, managed to return to a classroom with 17 young students. Don't believe this? If so, you are very wrong, because it really happened in a Sicilian school.

Our subject, known to all as Lina for short, is back in a classroom thanks to a project managed by the director of the retirment facility where she is a member. The goal of the initiative is to fulfil the greatest dream of every person residing in the institute. And  Lina's dream, as a former literature teacher, was to be able to temporarily return to a school desk and spend a few hours in the company of young pupils.

And so it came to be, and the thing that is even more amazing is that her dream came true despite the fact that Lina more is 102 years of age. A double achievement has made the elderly woman very happy and fulfilled. Sitting in the classroom, the woman took the roll call and the pupils took turns standing up to confirm their presence in the class. It was a touching scene that thrilled everyone present.

Lina's passion for teaching never faded, and she passed on her enthusiasm for this noble profession on to her daughter. The daughter, in fact, followed in her mother's footsteps and also taught literature in a high school.


The school where the event took place and its members are very attentive to initiatives of social interest such as this one and, therefore, they did their utmost to ensure that everything went like clockwork and matched Michela Ponte's dreams.

Looking at the photos and the joy that we see in her eyes, one can say with certainty that the day went very well.


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