They find a hidden stash while renovating their house and discover a fortune totaling $45,000 -
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They find a hidden stash while renovating…
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They find a hidden stash while renovating their house and discover a fortune totaling $45,000

August 11, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The best things in life are also the most unexpected. Imagine finally entering your new home, renovating the wooden ceiling and finding, by pure chance, some suitcases and containers that for years and years have hidden a fortune beyond all expectations. This is exactly what happened to a young couple who moved into a house that was just waiting to be renovated ...

The couple of new residents decided to document their extraordinary discovery thanks to a "photo album" which they then published on Imgur complete with captions that told exactly what they found inside the wooden ceiling of the basement of the house, an old building built in the distant 40s.

Having to do some urgent renovation of the ceiling, the couple decided that they would completely remove and dismantle the wooden ceiling panels; after having removed some, they made an unusual and very fortunate discovery: among the wooden beams full of mold and dust there was a box that could have contained anything!


The container was promptly recovered andopened; the couple were very curious, and inside they initially discovered some wax paper wrappers, under which were several sheets of newspaperbearing a somewhat distant date: 25 March 1951. Wrapped in newspaper were some packages, many packages of waxed paper, that hid and guarded a priceless treasure: there were bunches of banknotes!

And these bundles of bills weren't all $20, there were even bundles of 50's and even $100 bills in hard cash; how much could all that money add up to? What would that couple do now with all that money that definitely didn't belong to them?

They would first have to visit a lawyer to figure out if that money could be considered their property after all those years, and a numismatic expert to calculate the value of all those bills!

But the surprises didn't end there: after a week of continuous renovations, the couple found a second box between the wooden beams of the basement ceiling: it was even heavier than the first and, once opened, contained even more banknotes than the previous one.


Eventually, their lawyer confirmed to the lucky couple that the money belonged to them and the numismatic expert confirmed to them that at least ten of the notes they had found were worth four times the value printed on them:


In all of this, these young home owners had an amount on their hands that amounted to about $45,000, all promptly deposited in the bank: what a lucky, lucky couple!


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