They build a wheelchair with stroller attached for this disabled dad: now he can go out with his son without any problems -
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They build a wheelchair with stroller…
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They build a wheelchair with stroller attached for this disabled dad: now he can go out with his son without any problems

August 05, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The story we are about to tell you today will leave you with a smile on your face and will give you full confidence in the potential of mankind, capable of actions (and inventions) capable of improving the lives of those most in difficulty. In this case the person in difficulty is called Jeremy King, he is 37 years old and after a delicate operation for a brain tumor, he was stuck in an electric wheelchair, unable to move on his own legs ...

Together with his wife Chelsie, an acting teacher at the Bullis School in Germantown in Maryland, he discovered that he was expecting a baby in June 2020: but now that the future dad was in a wheelchair with limited mobility, how would he take care of the little one, how would he take him for a walk especially? A seemingly trivial question, which was surprisingly answered by the class of students studying under Matt Ziegler, a colleague of Chelsie's.

Matt taught a course specializing in the creation and design of technological solutions that can improve the life of those who have difficulties of all kinds, from the social to the obviously physical; initially Ziegler's class was working on a project to make strollers for babies safer, from there they took to heart the request from Chelsie King, a teacher at their school...

The class went all out to build a prototype electric wheelchair that would help Jeremy to take his and Chelsie's much anticipated son for a walk: “We were all focused on successfully making the best possible product in the time available to us." The idea they had was to create a fully functional prototype of an electric wheelchair with a baby stroller incorporated: in this way, as soon as the baby was born, dad Jeremy would no longer have any problem taking his son for a walk, even though he had limited mobility and could not move his legs.


The design and then the construction of the electric wheelchair with stroller was a success: it took some time to assemble all the parts, but the high school class really did everything to make this mother and this special dad's wish come true and so shortly before the birth of the little King of the house the new creation was ready to be used: "Taking advantage of this special pram was overwhelming because I never thought I would be able to do something like this with my son. Most people can go out for a walk with their family, but this is really hard for me, most people take it for granted."

Dear students, there's no denying it: your special invention has changed the life of this dad and we are sure that it will change the life of all those who may need it in the future.

Well done!


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