This artist drills thousands of holes…
A woman tries to dry her hair ... but someone has a different idea... Cook bacon in the microwave on a upside down bowl: what an AMAZING idea!

This artist drills thousands of holes into eggshells ... his creations are BEAUTIFUL

January 29, 2015 • By Robert Maggi
The Slovenian artist Franc Grom is the creator of a very special product made by piercing the surface of an egg shells thousands of times and using a few simple tools. As he explains, his creativity has no limits: he first creates a basic design similar to that of a lace, and then completes it following his artistic sense. As you can imagine, the major difficulty of this work is to avoid cracks in the shell. For this, the value of the eggs has to be paid based on the amount of holes: the personal record of Franc is 24,000 holes!

Tags: SpectacularArt


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