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Homeless man returns a wallet full of…
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Homeless man returns a wallet full of money and in exchange receives a house and a job

July 07, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The life of the homeless is not easy at all; not having a home, being constrained to sleep under a bridge, or in never havign a fixed place indoors, fighting every day to eat something even though you have no coins or banknotes in your wallet to buy food; no, it's not at all easy, yet the homeless, who are people who know firsthand what sacrifice, poverty and honesty mean, are the ones most likely to carry out gestures of great kindness.

This is the story of Woralop, a 45-year-old homeless man who lives in Bangkok, the most important city in Thailand; while on board the city subway, the man noticed that another passenger on the metro had dropped his wallet without realizing it; Woralop, who lived in absolute poverty, could have taken advantage of the situation and kept the wallet with all the money inside, but he didn't do that.

He tried to follow the rightful owner but eventually lost sight of him among the multitude of passengers getting on and off the carriages ...

Looking inside the wallet, there were many personal documents and a total of about $600 in bills; what Woralop did was immediately go to the local police office to return the lost wallet and track down the rightful owner; the latter transpired to be a wealthy metallurgical industry businessman named Nitty Pongkriangyos.

The wealthy owner, once he recovered his wallet from the police, couldn't help but thank the kind homeless man for everything he had done to secure his money and personal documents: "I was totally shocked when the police he told me they had my wallet because I didn't even know I lost it. My first reaction was Wow! If I was in that situation with no money, I probably would have kept it. But he was homeless, he only had a few coins in his pocket and handed it in anyway without taking a single note. This shows that he is a good and honest person ... just the kind of person we need in our company! "


Thus, Nitty did a lot to change the life of the homeless man for the better; he offered him a job in his metallurgical company and a new home where he can eat and sleep comfortably every day: "Woralop is living proof that being a good person has its advantages. When you are good to someone else, someone else will be good to you. These are the acts of good heart and honesty that everyone should practice!" said Tarika Patty, Nitty's girlfriend.

Woralop's story shows us once again that honesty and kindness always pay off: if you are kind to someone else, others will eventually be kind to you; let's always remember this!


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