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"We didn't know whether to laugh or…
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"We didn't know whether to laugh or cry": 15 children who made mom and dad tear their hair out

July 08, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Dear moms and dads, we know very well that being a full-time parent is not easy at all. Especially if your child gives you a hard time every day when you wake up and open your eyes; it's not easy to keep up with every whim from the little one of the house, every peculiarity, their every need, but there are some times when it seems that they do it specifically to irritate their parents.

We have found for you some of the most hilarious photo shoots on the web that have little troublemakers as the stars, who have not thought twice and acted instinctively, not reflecting on the consequences: obviously, mothers and fathers did not know what to do, whether to laugh or cry bitterly!

In utter desperation, he threw himself on top of his toys

The beauty was that he didn't want to get up anymore!

I had decided to take my daughter out for dinner to her favorite fast food restaurant ...

And I regretted it bitterly!


Luckily I noticed immediately before she was hurt!

She thought she was playing hide and seek ... what a funny child I have!

My daughter has a passion for history of art...

I bitterly regretted taking her to a Van Gogh exhibition: she'll never learn anything with her smartphone in her hand!

The power of imagination in the smallest chidren...

My 2 year old daughter drew a pillow on the pavement with colored chalk: now, she is sleeping comfortably on it ...


My son is hanging there, practically immobilised...

He had tried to climb to the sink to wash his hands: then he couldn't get down!

An accidental path!

I told him not to get any closer, and instead ... he did this!


Making a choice and not regretting it at all!

A child who preferred to shut his dog outside the house and cuddle up to ... his soft toy!

I no longer know if this is my daughter's space or the cat's ...

image: Reddit

She's more or less taken over the space we gave to the cat: there's a war in progress between them!


My son told me he was hot and wanted ice cream ...

... but I certainly never expected him to use it as a hat!

How on earth did he mange to get stuck in there?

You need a lot of patience to be a parent!

She wanted to play hide and seek, and so I agreed ...

Shame she didn't understand the rules of the game!

He fell in feet first!

I told him not to go near the vent, but he didn't want to listen!

Just read the caption...

He wanted to get on the bus, but on the bus which he was watching on TV.

My three year old is incorrigible...

image: Reddit

She started crying on the ground because the beavers kept gnawing on her favorite tree!

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