A teacher asks for a loan of $48,000 to adopt one of her pupils along with his younger brother

by Alison Forde

June 22, 2021

A teacher asks for a loan of $48,000 to adopt one of her pupils along with his younger brother

Carrying out your work as a teacher doesn't just mean entering a class and delivering a simple lesson, but it also means letting your students form an indissoluble bond with their teacher made of respect, fidelity and empathy; only by learning to know the abilities and individual needs of their children can a true teacher support them by giving them valuable and very important life lessons. There is a very special teacher is called Chelsea Haley, and thanks to her good heart she changed the life of one of her most troubled students ...

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In 2015 this girl from Marietta in the US state of Georgia served as an educator and tutoring teacher in a school for students who came from low-income families; it was there that she met a problem boy named Jerome, who had been suspended for behavioral problems.

It was at that moment that Chelsea approached the boy, thus having the opportunity to get to know him thoroughly and establish a friendly relationship with him and mutual trust; to think that Chelsea has even bought school supplies for him and had frequently accompanied him to football matches!


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Over time, Chelsea Haley had grown so fond of Jerome that in 2016 the Juvenile Court decided to entrust full custody of the boy to the teacher; but it wasn't over there. The woman knew that Jerome had a younger brother named Jace, so she made a very brave decision: in order to make sure that even the youngest of Jerome's family could be adopted, Chelsea took out various school loans to pay the various lawyers who helped her during the custody hearing for the two boys.

Eventually, the woman was in debt to the tune of $48,000 and to try to pay off this debt, Chelsea started working at school doing double shifts, selling food informally and even sold her house and moved in with her parents.

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After much effort and many sacrifices, Chelsea paid off her debt of exactly $48,683.41; a very difficult period which, however, the teacher with a heart of gold would face all over again to give a better future to her two beloved adopted children, Jerome and Jace: "Being their mother is the greatest blessing in my life. I wake up in the morning and I love these two kids more and more!" 

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Chelsea hopes to give these two boys a bright future, be able to help pay for their education and be the mom they've always wanted. Moreover, the teacher with a heart of gold knew within herself that her destiny was deeply linked to that of the two boys.

Now they are a perfect family!