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A teenager brings a disabled girl to…
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A teenager brings a disabled girl to the prom: no one wanted to accompany her to the party

June 10, 2021 • By Alison Forde

In full American tradition, the arrival of summer does not only mean the end of school, but also the most exciting moment for all high school students: the prom to celebrate the achievement of another fundamental step in the academic career is a formative experience for every self-respecting teenager. Usually, the prom is one of the most anticipated events for boys and girls, who start getting ready months before the event where they will eat, dance, dress elegantly and party until late at night .. .

As per US tradition, the girls expect an invitation to the dance from a student weeks before the happy and long-awaited event, from a friend, their partner or a school boy; showing up as a couple at the prom is a way to get talked about and to try to win the title of King and Queen of the evening; but there are girls who will never receive that invitation, such as Izzy, aged seventeen.

This 17-year-old girl is confined to a wheelchair and for this reason is considered a "special needs" teenager; who would have asked her hand and officially invited her to the prom? Obviously Izzy was very sad that no one had come forward, so the girl's mother made a post on Facebook where she asked if any of the students at the school wanted to accompany her daughter to the end-of-year event ...

Eventually, a nice guy named Carson stepped forward and gave Izzy a dream evening; Trina Preece, Carson's mother, thought of telling about the boy's nice gesture and on Facebook she wrote extraordinary words about her eldest son:


"My boy! A couple of weeks ago I was in tears, Carson walked in and asked what was wrong. I read him a post on Facebook from a mother of a 17 year old girl with special needs, looking for someone to accompany her daughter to the prom. He said, “Mom, I'll do it!” And so he did! We went the day before the prom to decorate her room and let Izzy meet Carson So, he accompanied her to the prom, where she was crowned Duchess. Afterwards, he sat in her room for over an hour and watched cartoons with her! What a sweet boy!

"Izzy is a lovely girl, she can't talk, she's wheelchair bound, she has a feeding tube and mostly doesn't communicate verbally. However, there have been a few times her eyes have met Carson's and she has lit up like the 4th of July ... and, well, him too! We are all much more alike than it seems. In a world full of choices, choose kindness! This is just the story of a boy I'm lucky enough to to call my son. It makes me want to be better, to do better and better! "

Dear Carson, what you did for Izzy is truly extraordinary, you are a boy with a very big heart and we are sure that when you grow up you will become an extraordinary adult, that everyone will envy for his kindness and goodness of soul.

We are fully convinced of it!

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