At 16 she was fired as a model because she was a size 39: "You're too chubby, you should lose weight" -
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At 16 she was fired as a model because…
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At 16 she was fired as a model because she was a size 39: "You're too chubby, you should lose weight"

May 29, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The issue of accepting one's own body is by no means to be underestimated; there are really many people, especially young people, who feel embarrassed or uncomfortable for a few extra pounds or because their appearance does not exactly correspond to the traditional standards of beauty required by society and in some contexts. Unfortunately, there are those who fall victim to these fears and become ill, while those who learn from the lesson and start on a path of acceptance and having a good relationship with their body.

This is the extraordinary story of Catherine Harrison, a girl from Texas who had modeling ambitions at the age of 16; when she volunteered at a gala event organized by her hometown, she was hired behind the scenes by a modeling agency for which she worked with pleasure and satisfaction part-time for some years; then suddenly, the agency stopped calling her for no reason at all.

When Catherine discovered the truth behind that silence, she couldn't believe what she was hearing: the agency was looking for models who are a size 36 or smaller, the girl from Texas generally wore a size 39 ...

All this made the girl feel bad, she thought she was carrying a few extra pounds, but then everything she did from then on made her a better woman and with a healthy and fantastic relationship with her body. She joined the University of Houston powelifting team where she began to feel at home and gain muscle mass; this made her focus mentally and physically not on losing weight but on maintaining a healthy body and in perfect physique, which is basically something else!


Constantly training in powerlifting, or in weightlifting in three exercises such as the squat, the flat bench press and the deadlift, Catherine Harrison has become a very popular champion: she now has an Instagram page where she posts her achievements, dispenses exercise tips and encourages all those people who in the past thought they had a bad relationship with their body: as Catherine says, there is no problem in carrying a few extra pounds, but of the general health of your body, is much more important than whether you wear a size 39 or of a size 36.

Now that Catherine Harrison is 23, she has never felt better in her life: to hell with the modeling agency that abandoned her seven years earlier because she was "too big for them", physical health and especially mental health are far more important than anything else; let's learn to love each other first of all, and our lives will definitely change for the better!

Wise words from Catherine Harrison!


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