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A retired teacher is forced to sell…
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A retired teacher is forced to sell his car: his ex-students buy it only to return it to him

May 05, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When choosing which school to attend, we always hope that the teachers will be good, understanding and dedicated to their work, so that they know how to encourage pupils and teach them with a valid method of study. Unfortunately, you don't always meet great teachers with these characteristics, but when it happens, they are never forgotten. Marcelo Siqueira is now an 87-year-old retiree, but he was once an excellent history and geography teacher at the Doña Carola state school in Curitiba, Brazil. His students have certainly not forgotten him, as Marcelo was a very special teacher, one of those who could lead his students towards a better future. Marcelo had an old Volkswagen Beetle that he was very fond of and which, unfortunately, he was forced to sell due to economic problems. His former students, however, could not allow their favorite teacher to deprive himself of that "ancient" vehicle, which had also characterized him during his school years and, so, they gave him a nice surprise.

Marcelo Siqueira had bought his beetle back in 1972 and has never parted with it since then. Everyone knew who that olive-colored Volkswagen Beetle belonged to, and the news that the retired ex-teacher was forced to sell it shook the hearts of his former students to the core. A young man who had been his student saw the sad news in an announcement: a 49-year-old beetle, of that color, could only belong to his ex-teacher, Marcelo! 

The ex-students from the Doña Carola school wanted to give a nice gift to their ex-teacher, by trying to raise the money necessary to be able to buy the historic beetle. After having collected the desired amount, the students agreed with Marcelo's son that they would give him a nice surprise. The day Marcelo was supposed to sell the car to the elusive buyer, he was accompanied by his son to the exchange site. Before saying goodbye to his car forever, Marcelo wanted to try to start it for the last time: it was at that moment that his former students revealed themselves, giving him a very pleasant surprise!


Marcelo was moved by the nice gesture from his former students: they had bought the car, with the sole purpose of returning it to him! In addition, the ex-students also managed to raise some extra money to be able to refurbish it. You can imagine Marcelo's tears of joy!

The funny thing is, however, that when the old man tried to start it up to park it again in his garage, the car wouldn't start. The ex-students had to push the car by hand into their dear teacher's garage. A nice gesture, no doubt about it!

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