The wife leaves the family and he is…
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The wife leaves the family and he is forced to raise 4 children alone: the cry for help of a destitute father

May 20, 2021 • By Alison Forde

There can be nothing worse than an economic crisis caused by a global pandemic to bring poor families to their knees, those families who previously had great difficulty in making ends meet and making ends meet. Now, with the pandemic damaging global trade and production, there is no work and many fathers and mothers with children to support can do nothing but ask desperately for help; in many of these dramatic cases, there are also dependent children who need everything, from clothes, to food, to school supplies: who will take care of them if there is no money at home?

This is the story of Neri Bordòn, a 33-year-old single dad who in a short time found himself without a wife and without a job: having no relatives or friends, he doesn't know who to ask for help to support to help raise his four children aged 7, 5, 4 and 2 years respectively. Up until two years earlier, Neri was separated from his wife who took care of the children while he tried to undertake any humble work to pay for the house and help pay for the children.

But within a few years, disaster had happened: the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, Neri had to stay at home for a very long time and was no longer able to find a decent job; in all this, his wife suddenly decided to abandon the family and consequently abandon custody of the children to him...


How could this poor man keep the house afloat? He had no friends or relatives who could help him in Posadas, the Argentine village where he now lives with his 4 children, and he was forced to make a desperate cry for help, explaining how his family situation is dramatically precarious: "I separated from my wife two years ago, but I have always seen my children, until, overnight she abandoned us, and now I have to take care of them. Then with the arrival of the pandemic everything got even more complicated."


The 33-year-old single dad appealed to everyone who could help him and his destitute children: "We need everything, clothes for them, shoes, food, mattresses, whatever. School classes have started, but I haven't even I registered my children to send them to school, they had no shoes, not to mention provisions, backpacks and everything else they need. I don't have a close relative, I have no one to leave my children with to be able to go to work ... "

Fortunately, his neighbors responded to the man's cry for help, trying to lend a hand as they can, trying not to let the four children lack for anything: sometimes, even just a plate of pasta, a little sugar , a cup of coffee or new shoes can make all the difference ...

We hope that the future for this suddenly single dad and his four children will be bright and full of satisfaction: better times will come for them too! 

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