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Do not leave them alone: 16 unsupervised…
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Do not leave them alone: 16 unsupervised children who caused a disaster

April 08, 2021 • By Alison Forde

We wouldn't want to be in the shoes of the parents of these children. Of course, these kids might be a bit pesky and lively, but the fact is that being the parents of these little ones is not at all easy, and it is quite easy to understand why by taking a fleeting look at these photographs. We have chosen for you some of the most emblematic photographs of the problem that all mothers and fathers have experienced, at least once in their lives: when you left them alone for a few minutes, what did you find next? In what condition was the room where they were doing their "misdeeds"?

This funny list answers these questions in an ironic and light-hearted way!

Here's what happens to a parent of two when he looks away ...

You never know what they can get up to ... now go and wash your faces!

Look what my daughter is doing to get the candy I hid on top of the refrigerator ...

image: Imgur

A real acrobat!


How nice to find such affectionate messages from our daughter on the hood of the new car ...

image: Reddit

"I like my mom, I like my dad": ok, but please write on paper next time ...

Here's what can happen when you leave two children playing in the garden ...

image: Ciniya/Reddit

What can you say? Let's hope the bucket came off!

I knew I shouldn't have left all three of them alone ...

...And now? How do I clean up this soapy disaster?


I left the back yard and returned to this terrifying scene ...

... I don't know how, but my daughter managed to get herself locked in the dog cage: I'm speechless!

I couldn't hear them shouting, laughing, talking ...

So I went upstairs and discovered what they had been up to. Now clean up this mess!


My new MacBook...

The biggest mistake of my life: I left it unattended for 10 minutes!

He has a whole pool, I don't understand why he prefers to stay inside that bucket ...

Kids, will we ever understand them?


What's hiding in here...

I saw this padlock on the drawer where my younger brother kept his sweets: what a pest!

The scale is new, but to my son it doesn't seem to matter ....

image: lornek/Reddit

I knew he shouldn't be let anywhere near fresh concrete ...

Too late...the damage is done!

Children and toilets: two things that can cause a lot of trouble!

My daughter really likes playing with mud ...

But please, does she have to put it on my new cellphone!

I left her alone in the room for a few minutes and ...

image: beezac/Reddit

It seems she's turning into a dog ... with fleas!

We used to play hide and seek with my daughter, and ...

image: Reddit

Well ... she's hidden under there, convinced that I would never find her!

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