Single mom skips class to look after her daughter; the teacher says: "Next time bring her to class" -
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Single mom skips class to look after…
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Single mom skips class to look after her daughter; the teacher says: "Next time bring her to class"

March 30, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Put yourself for a day in the shoes of a young single mom who goes to college and at the same time tries to do extra jobs to make ends meet and provide for the little one, all without the help of a partner. How would you find the time necessary to continue your studies? The answer may be simpler than what you are already thinking, especially when there is someone empathetic and kind, who lends you a hand and tells you that everything will be fine ...

via: Knox News

This is the curious story of Morgan King, a 21-year-old girl who studies at the University of Tennessee, has a little girl named Korbyn and works as a waitress in the evening to earn extra money to take home so she never fails to provide for her little one. Unfortunately, very often it is not easy for Morgan to reconcile all these commitments: being a model student, a caring mother and a good waitress is not that simple!

For this reason, when she was forced to skip a university class due to her many commitments, she wrote an email of apology to her teacher, but she could never have expected such a kind and empathetic response. .

Professor Sally B. Hunter's response was not long in coming, and it was so unexpected that Morgan couldn't help but share it on her Twitter profile: "Hi Morgan, we wondered what happened to you in class this morning. Sorry to hear you had to skip class due to problems with your daughter, but next time feel free to bring her to class with you. I would be absolutely delighted to hold her while I teach my class so you can safely follow and take notes.

I work for the Department of Family and Children, it would be really weird if I didn't invite a little one into class with me once in a while. I am absolutely serious, bring her with you next time if you need it. Regards, Sally B. Hunter."


The professor's words deeply moved Morgan King, who absolutely did not expect not to be scolded for her sudden absence, and instead was understood and encouraged to bring little Korbyn to class the next time she had baby sitter problems.

Being a single mom, a student and a waitress is not exactly a walk in the park, the university professor knew this and she couldn't help but lend a hand to the young 21-year-old girl; a real lesson in empathy and humanity.

If only all teachers were like that!

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