The bride stops half way down the aisle and "sings" a song to her deaf husband in sign language -
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The bride stops half way down the aisle…
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The bride stops half way down the aisle and "sings" a song to her deaf husband in sign language

March 29, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When love comes along, nothing else matters. This strong feeling that unites all human beings in different forms, can overcome every difficulty or every obstacle which may be encountered on the journey of life; it is really true that those who are deeply in love with another person don't have glasses to filter the reality that surrounds them: everything is clear and crystalline, there are no veils and hypocrisies. This is smoething that Elizabeth and Scott, who met by chance in 2016 on a dating chat, have learned.

Elizabeth first met Scott in 2016 when browsing Tinder, a popular dating app; the two began to converse amiably, but the guy had not revealed to the woman that he was deaf, at least the first few times they chatted; he was very afraid that Elizabeth might be "scared" and would not want to continue the relationship. But the woman, sifting through Scott's social channels, had discovered that the boy played in the band the Australian Deaf Wallabies, a musical group made up of deaf people.

But Elizabeth wasn't afraid, and she still wanted to meet and hang out with Scott.

Their first date, as the couple say, was real love at first sight and the woman, despite knowing perfectly well that Scott was deaf, had never felt so "listened to" by a person as with him in her life. That was definitely a message from destiny, and after two years, Elizabeth and Scott decided to get married!

The woman, who was already a mother of two children, was accompanied to the altar by the elder of the two, Dominic, and on that day which was so moving for everyone, she decided to make a touching and at the same time extraordinary surprise for her future husband...



Elizabeth was accompanied by her eldest son Dominic to the beginning of the aisle which would then bring her to the altar, but without starting along it; Scott was waiting for her at the other end and didn't understand why his future bride didn't approach; but then came the moving surprise: the notes of the romantic song "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri started and the woman began to "sing" it for Scott using Auslan, the sign language used in Australia.

Scott can understand about 60% of people's speech by studying the movement of their lips in general, for this reason Elizabeth decided that she would master his sign language perfectly to make him understand perfectly the romantic words of the song she was dedicating to him...

When Scott began to understand what the nature of the surprise was, he couldn't help but start crying, deeply moved by that musical dedication which was so touching for all the guests. A one-of-a-kind moment that was seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers on YouTube, where the video was posted in 2018.

We admit it, a moment like this caused us to shed a few tears too; we wish Elizabeth and Scott a life full of love, satisfaction and a lot of serenity!

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