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"He cries because he cannot eat the…
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"He cries because he cannot eat the magnets on the refrigerator": 17 children cry for the most absurd reasons

March 03, 2021 • By Dominic Quirke

A thousand reasons hide behind the crying of a small child, but let's face it: some reasons are really absurd and extremely funny! Of course, we are not talking about the serious cases in which a child may be hurt, but we're speaking about the situations where the apparent tranquility suddenly descends into chaos as a result of a trifle. Parents know something. Does your child ask you for ravioli for dinner? Well, you cook them, of course. But then he cries because he doesn't want ravioli for dinner anymore. Web users enjoy collecting stories and photos of all the most absurd whims that have ever been documented. In front of some testimonies we cannot help but stay close to the parents ... and have a good laugh!

"My daughter is in despair crying because we didn't let her have a beer"

"She's crying because I told her that I won't eat the crust of her already eaten pizza"


"She's crying because I'm not taking her to school on a Sunday morning ..."

And to think that there are children who just don't want to know about going to school, not even during the week!

"He's crying because I closed the door to the laundry room ... how will he cope now?"

"He's desperate because he can't pick up all the toys that are scattered on the ground at the same time!"


"I told him he can't swallow the magnets that are on the fridge"

"She's crying because I didn't let her put both legs in one trouser leg ..."

When you are a parent, you must understand one thing right from the start: your child will cry for the most absurd reasons, but this does not mean that you can have a nervous breakdown! Seriously, it is very common to face a child who does not want to obey his mother for the most bizarre reasons. Probably, the only solution is to let it go and face everything with a smile!


"I just told him we didn't have any more bananas at home ..."

"I told her she can't play with the kitchen knives"

Who knows why children have a strange attraction to the most dangerous situations and objects. The kitchen knives? Suddenly they look like a beautiful new game. The magnets on the fridge? Mmm, they look delicious! Shall we talk about that bottle of beer on the table? All of a sudden it becomes more important than the baby bottle.


"Her reaction when I didn't let her eat her shoe ..."

"We told Elliot that Rice Krispies are not fruit"

"I simply told her she can't marry her dad..."

She only had to take a few steps, but she wanted to be picked up: look at the face of despair!

"I cut her pancakes into smaller pieces...like she asked me to do!"

There is nothing to be done: they will be forever discontented. It doesn't matter if they explicitly asked you to do (or not do) a certain thing for them, because the result will always be the same: a good hysterical cry!

"The guacamole is too cold"

He didn't want to stand up, but he didn't want to lie down either: a real dilemma!

He ate all the mozzarella that was on the pizza and then he started to cry because his pizza was "broken"

We are always sorry to see a baby crying, but the reasons of these little "angels" can't help but make us smile. Do you have any anecdotes about the most absurd tantrums of your children or grandchildren?

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